When will registration open?

Just wondering when their might be an influx of new users.

I see people can use their social login through google or facebook. Does that get the numbers of new users tho that open reg would?

Think they’re trying to find a way to have open registration in a way that prevents bots

Need dat new blood

Thought it was open now?

u have to use google/facebook atm iirc

yeah I’m sure it was open already? we have had 5 new users register today already? and 10 yesterday.

I should make a post on the fb and twitter, encourage some new blood.

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469 members signed up so far. Will be interesting to see how many of the old members transfer and how long it takes them. The place does still like it has life in it though with even that small amount?

My children need wine!


I do think the dubstep URL should auto redirect here with a link back to the Old, rather than seemingly being fine then you see a fairly small (by comparison) notice with a link, when it should really be the reverse

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It actually does! :slight_smile: http://www.dubstepforum.com

How many new active users though, feel like it’s still the same main people from the old one

I meant this bit!

Hard to tell, theres a fair few names on here

Around 250 accounts are new, other 200 are from phpBB, but there are people from the old forum who created new accounts so the exact number remains unknown.

[quote=“Johnlenham, post:14, topic:1093”]Hard to tell, theres a fair few names on here https://community.dsf.ninja/users

damn i am absolutely killing the Visits game (all-time)

i think i watched this 1 yesterday 2 good

holy shit there’s now some sort of league table for most obsessive user

me jrk and noways got this on lock lol

noways has pipped me into 2nd on likes received

I appear to be like 7th with Harkat close behind