Where can I find singers for my track?

As the title says…

  • I have a song for an album I’m writing
  • I originally sang my own vocals on the track but…
  • I know the song could be so much better with a better singer

Where can I find someone for my track? Just posting a status on FB is getting me no results, I don’t know anyone personally that I think is right.

All I want is a website where singers are, put my track up ask people to audition if they think they are good for the track and have ideas.

Then split the profit (if any) of the track 50/50

Am I asking for too much?

found someone through just searching Soundcloud. a lot of singers out there who would reply to a PM, then you could negotiate etc. some of them would do it properly for free

try fiverr

Thanks for your input guys, I’m trying a few different options