Where do I start with this bass? Yuki - Cosmos (Akatsuki Special)

This sounds like a fucked up yoi, but I can’t seem to get it. I’ve tried in both massive and serum, to no avail. The Akatsuki is always blowing me away with these basses. Can’t replicate a single one. Any one have an idea?

It’s bitcrushing. You need a square/saw with LP filter automation and usually relatively high resonance. Then use something like cmt bitcrusher and adjust/add effects to your taste.

Do you know of a OSX bitcrusher I could use?

What DAW are you working with?
I think geektronic might be.
May be worth googling/youtubing “osx bitcrusher” and going from there.

I’m using ableton. I found a bunch of freeware plugins, used the default redux, but I still can’t get the sound how I want.

Here’s a decent list of free bitcrushers for both mac and pc. Haven’t tested any but it’s a start.

I’m a retard and didn’t properly read your posts, hope it was helpful anyways.

Im not sure if im following what you said completely but if your trying to make a yoi in massive the easiest way I know of is to use one osc, filter through a scream or acid, and put a sample and hold while modulating the scream(or acid) filter down. I hope im understadning this correctly. I can never achieve a proper yoi with a crusher, but massive does this pretty well with the s&h as far as im concerned.

My attempt at trying to get it down, what do you think? I ended up having a little fun with it. I wanted higher frequencies like in the other song, but couldn’t get it.