Where do you think dubstep is going?



I know we talked about this specifically before (“country dubstep” or cringe dubstep hybrids…)

heard this riding in a pickup truck this weekend. Wasn’t driving so couldn’t turn the station.

So: dubstep is safe enough for Nu Cuntry asshats to bite off stylistic shit they like.


AND: there were other tunes biting off club sounds and shit, but dubstep presets have definitely hit Nashville producers. Sorry guys.


There’s been an influence of all kinds of electronic sounds on country for a while now. I mean you kind of already said that anyway, but I don’t know, to be honest it doesn’t sound like too much of an exclusively dubstep influence necessarily


That triplet phrasing, the whole half time thing… tellin ya. There was another tune that actually had a halftime drop in the middle of it (underneath yodeling Cletus or whoever was singing about getting drunk).


Author - Forward Forever??


to me most grime these days is just watered down trap don’t get me wrong I love grime but super picky and I dig all the dark stuff and mad claps throughout and huge 909’s!



Like any genre you have to dig for the gems.

Get in the sea.


Of course without a doubt, i still like grime as i said but mainly the darker ‘angry’ side of it


Prob not even a base-level memer…


I dont know… Everything has trap influences and grime(instrumentals) is reflective of whats popular in the electronic scene whether that is garage, dubstep, trap, brostep, etc. But i do hate how some people rate grime that had similarities to edm trap or brostep but rail about how they hate us electronica.


Like atm im listening to this grime instrumental with heavy riddim influences that hella people on here would rate but disown the original source.


go on, ill bite. Link us


Intro @38:20


Oh god well thats slimzee and he plays some really fucking questionable grime these days.
Sounds like an old Cluekid song


Is 2010 excision and datsik dubstep still made? All I see on SoundCloud is cookie cutter riddim.


Hyperdub is still relevant

Babyfather - Meditation is the most pertinent piece of near 140 to come out for a while

Also props to Arca for making the best Mala tune not by Mala since Bear Witness


which tune is that (the arca)?


Arca produced the beat for Babyfather - Meditation


@OP: further down the plughole according to this

I’ve heard of 25% of these
and maybe 5% have made real dubstep at some stage
(Rusko, Truth, 12th Planet, Bukez Finezt actually made good ds)

good to see Shock One has nearly disappeared
even out of this putrid pube-choked sink.


Yeah I saw that tripe. I almost flipped a shit because I read #28 as AFX.

I’ve heard of most of these, but man what a lot of crap. I think some random just made it themselves though, it’s not from a magazine or anything, right?

Lists like that make me feel like I don’t have my finger on the pulse of dubstep though lol


Same. I doubt I could name 100 Dubstep producers.