Where do you think dubstep is going?


just looked up that “Getter” creature. ugh, I thought even the Americans were sick of edm brostep manbabies by this point.


Nope, still a thing over here.


I thought brostep was dying off, how is there even a top 100 in 2016


A lot of brostep artists still seem to dominate American festivals but they’re doing a lot of trap crossover so that could be part of the appeal.


Fair, haven’t kept up with that whole scene in years though so I’ll admit I don’t really have any idea what’s going on with it


I think dubstep is going out to buy a pack of cigarettes





It’s questionable if she’s 18 or not. She might have to give a head to the guy behind the counter.


getter is a joke around these parts, a meme. But all across the country there are 1000s of “getters” doing their thing.

TBH I got over the shock of brostep vs truhedstep a long time ago. If people are out having fun so be it. Been to a lot of truhed nights that are just awkward as fuck. Everyone being way too serious about some shoddy drumloops and sub bass. Yeah dude, nice Truth hat, watch this dropp, we are way better than brostep, ya ya

I struggle to enjoy ‘modern’ dubstep these days because the ‘scene’ is so ridiculously insular

We need Aardvarck to come back and teach us a lesson again


I hope you realise that truhed step is a serious thing. You listen to it in order to get closer to jah, not to have fun.


One must always put their head in tha bassbin
That’s tru he’d baptism


that’s very tru(headish) Ted
it ain’t proppa if you cain’t stick your head in there & trip out
whereas with bro etc.you’d just suffer a midslife crisis.


Haha yh its pretty cringe


See I don’t know how a genre with so many off-shoots/sub-genres will ever “die”, it’ll just keep recycling older sounds but in a fresh way - something new will always come to the table; the “death of dubstep” is a myth created by doomsayers who think it’s cool to jump on that bandwagon, imo.


Creature?? You mean super sick UNAPOLOGETIC in your face edgecore EDMer??

What you just say?? Doesn’t matter innit he just cut you off at the cusp and shut it down proper:
/cuts you off to the sickest US Dubstep drop and drops mic #pwned #noapologies #noragrets #musicformidwesthighschoolskatepunkswhoare8to10yearslateonthingsandprobdefinitelywearbillabongtothecorporatefestival



No too far away from stuff like Coki.

Shit changes.


i heard a vip(?) version of this tune in a kromestar set b4


to be fair that’s back when getter used reason


Yeah Getter had good stuff back then, he went downhill once his meme’s became more popular than his music. Ah suh dude?


Lol at DJ’ing with Beats headphones plus dude needs to get his teeth looked at.