Where do you think dubstep is going?


Good news, dubsteps coming back

In aproximately 2-3 years we’re gonna have a wave thats a throwback to the 2010-11 wave of when dubstep became a meme genre produced by children

Similar to how house/techno/UK producers wanna make shit sound ruff like it came from 94 and “lofi” even though they spent hours agonizing on how to make shit distorted, hard and warm in juust the right way, brostep producers are going to perfectly sculpt the kinda bargain-bin wub wub MS paint music that was just called like “dubstep REMIX 2011” on youtube. Mt. Eden is going to be played in clubs again.

Theres going to be something beautifully raw and perfect that we’re going to discover about shit like this, even though it currently sounds like 100% embarassing trash


hopefully coming back here :


Thinking a January festival
hot, dry & subby
just u guys
dunno how locals will react
depends on youguys
PrettysureI’ll have a soundsystem
maybe even transport
Butyud have tocamp & hang out.
There’s a pub but not much else @ Q
more in town 60km away… Yu can camp there too.
I think it’ll happen anyway
so no pressure to be there
unlessyuwanu missout.

I was dancing there by my self tonight
it’s got the vibe.


Ur based in Aussie right


dare yu come in 2 years time mate.


It will be doable. Maybe I can blag my gf into GOI g on holiday to aus


google Young & Quandialla, town & village respectively.
January is after wheat harvest & hayfever time
& during cherry-picking with international back-packers around.
I’ll have to see if local council is cool with it but if I get a bit of interest I’ll run with it.
There are a number of big festivals around Oz from December to February too.


tbh Im surprised DSF doesn’t have its own festival by now.


doesn’t have to be a big deal
ninjas can do the sets,
whoever rocks up
dubstep-knowledgeable punters only as entry policy
(sugggested query: Who invented dubstep… Skream, Benny Ill or RSD ? Reject anyone who gives a simplistic answer. Accept anybody that argues the point referencing Benga, Caspa, Mala or Board of Canada.)
say Thursday night to Sunday dusk.
Organizers only responsible for the event & venues,
help with accom/transport on basis of supporting ths to feel comfortably challenged.

So who’s putting on 2018?


See you deya


Gonna revive this thread for a bit.

I had a look at the old forum and imo it felt a lot more active than right now. I don’t think it’s necessarily cause dubstep’s waning but it’s a result of people moving on to different social media platforms to chat, just like how big names were posting back in 2007-2010ish and left by 2013. I didn’t know much regulars then. Not to mention how there were threads dedicated to one producer / DJ spanning many pages, sometimes not even affiliated with dubstep much. I remember how much discussion was going on in the Youngsta thread over the smallest details, how he was playing too much dungeon stuff and becoming boring, how he was playing too much techno-ish stuff, but also how there would be dubs and unreleased tracks everyone got excited over with their first plays. There’s no attention like that in Twitter / FB cause people’s timelines are filled with tons of other unrelated stuff. But since all of us here have many different interests as well, this makes this forum a little less relevant.

Anyways, another thing. I was wondering what happened to MRK1 so I checked his twitter and found out he’s now part of a tech house duo. He’s essentially gone the way of Skream, even did a b2b with him :joy: I suppose it’s alright.


seriously tho where is everyone… guess everyone’s messing about on social media instead. not gonna lie tho, there’s still a good amount of banter that goes on from time to time. I remember how the Commodo / Gantz / Kahn mini-LP got so much debate and discussion and hype, it was crazy how it basically the talk of the scene for a good couple months. It even got a lot of talk one year after it’s release. I also remember that bait tech house 12" that released on Keysound almost two years ago that really grinded everyones gears.

^^^ this tweet by Epoch describes a good amount of great tracks going about in dubstep rn. The Eva808 IMX 12" released last year, Chonk Mob, Samba’s latest 10" on System, they all have that old-school dusty hip hop feel. Commodo definitely had something to do with it lol.

The problem wiith dungeon years ago was that many producers who spearheaded that style were drum and bass producers who already knew a lot about production (i.e. Icicle, Kryptic Minds, SP:MC, Proxima). The copycats who followed through didn’t have the same amount of quality of production, and the scene got so saturated with growl-y tracks that sounded the same it stagnated. I cannot name a producer who has made a groovier dubstep track than SP:MC’s old 12"s on Tempa. Speaking of him, it’s funny how, even though he was a drum and bass head since the start of his music career, his first solo tracks was dubstep cause he believed he couldn’t make a drum and bass track without it sounding like something he’s already heard. He’s ended up making some of the most unique, ground-breaking dubstep tracks since.

IMO dubstep wouldn’t be the same without drum and bass.


Quite a large proportion of the fourm also have gone way beyond just listening to dubstep so you’ll lose that interest in it, plus how many of those new tunes can you actually go buy right now? Seemingly alot of people got really sick of the timed race for release buying of tunes as well, so people will move on.

You’ve also like you said lost alot to social media, where people can use their real names and look super cool and knowledgeable and get “known”.
The fourm changing name for apparently no reason wouldn’t have helped.


Quite true. The dubstep vinyl economy is in shambles with limited presses / vinyl only releases. The only reason I posted this is cause I’ve been so disillusioned / bored with many other “scenes” last year that I figured I should just go back to dubstep. And I’m hooked again :badteeth: Despite the amount of dubstep history I was chatting throughout last year, it only took me until the beginning of this year to get back into it.


lately I’ve heard a lot of tunes that owe much to proppa dubstep
mainly footwork, power ambient & moopy stuff
big subby bassweight & breakstep rythms
which further convinces me that dubstep ain’t coming back.

just gotta learn to head nod to faster tempos & more complex percussion
and enjoy listening to classic dubstep like other people listen to classic 60s/70s hits.



I think a big big part of this is everyones looking at these curated feeds of their music taste all day

tweets, youtube, spotify etc reccommendations telling you about new releases/dubs/snippets by your fav artists and from there you easily get this explorable tree of tracks that’s generated for you.

Not as much need for people to all pile in together in essentially a cooperative blog and go “check this out!” and share music etc. But also the common taste for dubstep is a lot weaker now. I listen mainly to trap shit and random stuff spotify tells me to listen to, others have gone off to metal, noise, propa techno, propa house etc

we had this discussion a few months back on here, it would be cool if people got together for music here more instead of just random discussion I guess yeah.


americans fucked this fine genre


I think it started with Datsik and Excision who are Canadian, so…


north americans fucked this fine genre