Where do you think dubstep is going?




hhaahah I thought he was dubstepstep


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Been listening to some deep drum and piss, great stuff


The scene up north is starting to revive itself, seeing more and more younger heads at events appreciating the deeper sounds again from a couple years ago when it was dying a bit of a death. We’ve always got Subdub up in Leeds but thats more for the big fish, its been really encouraging to see the smaller nights starting to pop up again.




how come the drum & bass scene kept going even as fans got older, whereas seems like dubstep is fading away and fans are moving on?


Why do you think they’re moving on? There’s a growing appreciation for sound system stuff in general it seems, reggae nights are doing really well. Dubstep is feeding off that as well as its own momentum.


I don’t think it’s moving on, but I get what you’re saying I guess. A lot probably has to do with the current generation’s ADD lifestyle. I don’t mean generation as just “these damn youngins” but the information culture as a whole. It’s like meme culture. Things are popular for a few months and then people get hungry for something new.

It’s also much easier for new things to become the next big thing than it was in the 90s. They catch on quicker, but the downside is they typically don’t last as long in the spotlight.15 minutes of fame has become 5 minutes of fame. Hardly anyone has the patience to watch a 15 minute video any more. 8:30 dnb tune? Skip to the drop…


AFAIK drum & bass is more established / has lasted longer than dubstep. I can only name a couple flagship labels that have been in the heyday of dubstep and are still active regardless of what they’re putting out now but drum and bass has ton of labels and collectives & producers outside the UK who are making big names for themselves. I can name some dubstep anthems and legendary unreleased dubs in the past ten years or so, but drum and bass has a massive history of tracks from various people spanning a 20+ year history (rough estimate). Similar to dubstep, drum and bass also had some cross pollination with footwork and juke, and there is always producers bringing in fresh sounds at a steady rate.

So yeah scenes are built and act similarly I guess, guess the internet is to blame.


I was thinking of how Metalheadz is still putting out d&b records, Goldie is still making music and they got drum’n’bass arena and Andy C is still touring… Though, I guess Caspa is still at it and Mala, and you’ve got this forum… so perhaps I overstated.

I’m in the US, so I can’t really tell what’s going on in the ground floor of the UK scene.


This forum is dead let me tell you.

Caspa still touring, really?? I thought he quit years ago tbh I doubt he’d sell out a UK arena venue ever again. Mala’s Mala, a don.

The way I see it is it’s dead and people are flogging a dead horse, there’s no groundbreaking 140 artists out there anymore I think all bases have been covered - like, there’s no more niches to exploit. so offshooting occurs, ie dubstep getting mied with breaks and grime etc not a bad thing but far and away removed from the “true” dubstep sound, the organic sound Mala, DMZ, Loefah, early Skream. So in short, it’s dead (but there’s nothing stopping you cracking SpongeBob out at aparty or w.e)


Simoly because the producers themselves are older; dnb and jungle have been longer established, Goldie, Ed Rush, Optical, Photek all probably in their 40s but have been doing it from day dot


look who the fuck is back, it’s the return of the bruckdot



Ive been wondering this a lot but Kahn & Neek sure are loyal to their royals


I don’t know if Caspa’s still touring, but I follow him on soundcloud and he keeps putting up new tracks (but they keep getting worse and worse imo).


yeah, I probably agree about it not being groundbreaking anymore. come to think of it, I feel the same way about drum & bass, that it kind of peaked in the early 2000s and it hasn’t really been vital since.

there’s some good new tracks and artists (like Donny), but for the most part, I think the older stuff is best.

probably same with dubstep. some good tracks still being made, but not the wellspring of inspiration it was.


He plays the USA alot with a bunch of cringe folk like cookiemonsta and a certain group of Americans eat it up

He’s playing room one or two of fabric in 2017 as well which is fucking bizzare to me