Where do you think dubstep is going?


yeah my troll detector went off

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I see th future… Comb filter, neuro, 150.


That’s past, son. 125 is the future.


125 dubstep is like stuff from 2012.


Fridge dubste?




137 Trek.

  • Fragmentation.

  • Mutation.

  • Hybridization.

  • More of the sound (via presets) will leak into mainstream Top 40, Hip Hop, R&B.

  • Some kid[s] somewhere’s just learning to produce and will initiate a new wave, which at least half of you will hate just on principle.

  • Shit will likely get noisier and more atonal on the tru hedz side. Techno’s gravitational pull is not to be underestimated in terms of influence.

Now, what would I like to see?

Nobody giving a fuck about time signature, BPM, or genre/subgenre. Straight 5/7 time funkyass bangers at 93 BPM. As long as it’s dubwise… more innovation, and more people listening to Tubby too.


Look into your heart and you will find the answer


I can’t believe I didn’t read this thread 2 months ago

too good


Most of the original producers just abandoned the scene like plastician, loefah, skream, benga, pinch and youngsta etc. That’s why the scene is diminishing. People who moan about brostep are pretty naïve, I mean it was bound to happen. It happened to jungle and drum n bass etc.


Everyone has a different idea of who’s leading the scene as far as labels go. If you wanted to define leading the scene as exposure and commercial success, I’d say Firepower, Never Say Die, NSD Black Label, Disciple, SMOG, etc are all releasing pretty heavy hitters on a semi regular basis. A lot of what they release doesn’t strike me as too innovative but there are a few really good artists on each label doing good things for the genre as a whole. To the question of where do I think it’s going, it seems like most things get more minimal as they evolve, in most cases, doesn’t even have to be music. As time goes on you find a way to remove what you don’t need from something and leave just enough of everything else and it sounds even cooler. Personal opinion but minimalism is the future.


lol at the labels you mentioned.


Jungle, garage, house, grime; all never truly died they just turned into a hybrid of each other. Dubstep is ubiquitous in the sense that it pulls from different genres with its own unique quirks like kick on one, snare on three etc

Also amen on the techno shout.


oh geez, look at you just being that guy.


Someone was gonna say it


yeah everybody was thinking it tbh.


which Aardvarck release?


Bloom 3 is the one ive got, bangers