Where do you think dubstep is going?


yeah, all Blooms are essential …
I thought there is a recent Aardvarck release worth checking out


the bloom release with kubus was wicked


Aardvarck <3

Would love to hear him do more dubstep-ish stuff again.


that reminds me of Mark Pritchard


if thats the only thing you took from what I said, you guys are 1hundo on the bullshit.


^are yu the Annex? (if so, like your music)

& yeah, that ^^^ Aardvak tune is cool but can’t hear MP in it…too droney imo.


Just clocked this now, tbf minimalism has been one of dubsteps defining features since like forever


he aint talking about dubstep


comply with the dubstepo or be lined up and shot buddy


if he is the Annex
he has minimalism down


dubstep is such a convoluted term now, no i’m def not talking about the same dubstep the majority of you are. In retrospect i’ve been on this forum long enough to know that I would get flamed up the bhole for posting a bunch of “brostep” labels lol. i like what I like though. and nah i’m not the annex you’re thinking about.


aw that’s a pity
only because you’d have good taste

jus kiddin’
entitled to your sensibility
and hopefully yul be one of those who forge a reconciliation




you cain’t shoot the piano player


Youngsta has abandoned the scene? Please elaborate


I think that’s gas tbh. What if they hadn’t abandoned and had just died in a plane crash together on the way to some rave or something, would that still kill things off? Nah.
This is a new thought, for me, so bare with me a moment. But I don’t think it’s even correct to say the scene died, it started out as a bunch of nobodies playing tunes to their mates in a couple of empty clubs, and there’s still plenty of that going on today. I think the worst thing for it was people getting too caught up in “the scene” and other people’s business and not just focusing on their own production. IIRC, that’s exactly why Loefah at least left. I remember reading an interview in which he said that he’d begun to load up his DAW and try to make dubstep, and not just make tunes to impress his mates. And that’s fucking shit.


It would be the day ro- i mean dubstep died (sorry)


Youngsta has moved on from dubstep, he even said so in a contact interview on youtube, but will now and then play an oldschool dubstep set if he’s booked, but other than that, he’s moved on from dubstep.


to what?


swear he didn’t say this, minimal mondays is still a thing as well