Where you from

who here from the LA area
if not where you from tho

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Former LA head.

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Parts Unknown.


Mississippi (The south)

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I was born near Lille but am now living in Paris

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Born in South Africa, living in England


I’m from Dover, Delaware

It’s where people from D.C. go when they want the beach…
not Dover, but Delaware beaches….

It’s like the Jersey Shore but instead of getting New Yorkers we get D.C. people…

From Birmingham UK originally, but Ive lived in Liverpool for 3 years as a music student. The bass music scene up here is sick! Big up my Less Effect crew, check them out if you havent heard yet.

Surf City - It’s classy alright…
…about as classy as a pile of spent nitrous chargers…

I got you 2 ways - ready - let’s go, let’s go

That’s my…Rat Daddy Flex

so where you from - so where you at….


liverpool - let’s see it….

We moved to Warrington when I was little. That’s where I grew up rly.
Here is my fav Warrington land mark

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How? There are onlynwhite people in cheshire