Which Drum Kit ? (like Coffi / Jphelpz / Dubloadz / 50 Carrot)

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My question is this one :

Which type of drum kit is used in this kind of production ? I guesse there is a large part of layering, but I am currently looking for the kind of drum kits employed.


honestly probably just random samples for each sound, not a particular drum kit per se
snare could be done with an 808 then layered with a snappier snare with a small reverb
kick again could just be a compressed 808 and hats could literally be from anywhere

its all just vengeance tbh

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It won’t be anything too fancy. Look for heavy electro/dnb or dub step sample packs or that horrid vengeance stuff

google “futura sample pack” then download it in the youtube description-it’s got loads of heavier kicks and snares/claps…also there’s the right ammonut of EQing/layering/reverb

I doubt about the vengeance kit, because I think it is to heavy and not enough pro oriented ^^
I find their drums more subtile, more smooth

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I bought the Biome sample pack and I can use the drums for massive tracks or smooth and deep tunes. It’s better to have 10 good sounds that you know well than a hundred of sample pack you`ll never listen to. Vengeance kit is used in lots of tracks, too hard if you wand to sound “original”

I don’t think there’s a specific drum kick used. It’s usually samples based and different artists would have different sample packs. Look around places like Goldbaby for warm sounding kick drum samples with little top end and somewhat splashy snare drums. Another inportant part would layering a sample that has a nice transient, therefore it can be heard in the mix.

That snare is def just a specific type of 909 (one of those with really “wooden” sounding transient, not regular ultra clean 200Hz-ones), layered with a clap and white noise layered on the top + processing.

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