Which genre / feedback on my first track please :)

Good evening…

I have just created a new track. I like listening to a lot of dubstep / post dubstep and drum and bass and other electronic music.

I would be interested in any constructive feedback on my track please and if anyone has any idea what genre it could be classified as that would be massively helpful.

Your thoughts and ideas are much appreciated.

Thank You

Hackney Techno, Ha Nah sounds like a first attempt at dubstep that ended up trance, Just tag every genre relating to your music on soundcloud. thats not a bad first track A good way to nail the genres is (google it) download your fav track make sure it represents whatever genre well, and break it down or try and recreate it even. What does it sound like, what beat HH, does it seem to swing, has it got loads of bass. Dubstep Kick on 1 snare on 2 maybe a smaller 1/16 snare behind a kick every now an again to step down.2 or 3 layers of bass hopefully one wobbling & sub bass. Some of my mates never learnt any genres properly & they still dont know them 100% Its better to learn them & then mix em up than the otherway. Plug away brother It’ll fall into place eventually

that is awful advice, there is no such such thing as learning a genre. He is just making his own stuff, doesn’t need to be anything in particular and what you are describing is definitely not a formula for dubstep but a very specific kind of it. He just seems to be mixing an atmospheric sound palette with a very electro sort of drum pattern, its quite nice actually and I don’t think where it falls in terms of genres matters remotely

My mistake Kick on 1 & Snare on 3 would be as matey put it not a formula for dubstep but a specific type of dubstep, WTF!!! I know dude Its called dubstep to be specific.

If you dont like dubstep get the fuk off the forums man, I do. That post is just bullshit, doesnt even make sense

Please mind your tone and stick to the topic. Thanks.

@OP: I tend to agree with jalex. don’t worry about genre definitions and constrictions; also there certainly isn’t the one, correct way to “learn a genre” (whatever that’s supposed to mean). Just do whatever you like and sounds good to your ears. To be honest, I found your track refreshing. The sub could use some work; it’s a bit overpowering in the mix and I’m not very fond of the simplistic-yet-not-emotive melody. strip it down a bit.

like the rhythm a lot. the tune has a weird groove, but that’s what makes it cool imo. keep it up.

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The only real defining features of dubstep is heavy use of sub bass and 140bpm, everything else is fair game. So no, it’s not bullshit. There are many variations on the sound (e.g. Horsepower VS Commodo VS Shackleton).

Tracks sounding nice, but maybe add a few more note variations to the bass rather than just the 2 or so you have atm (more of a personal taste really). Also I’m only listening on earphones atm so this isn’t very accurate, but the sub seems a bit loud, maybe reduce it by a tiny bit. Big up though

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I could post just about every other dubstep song up against your 1 case in point to reflect the genre. I dont disagree with you jalex, Not knowing what genre your song is is annoying all my advice was to use good examples of the genre as building blocks & It makes it easier to unravell the puzzle which in turn gives you confidence when writing music, he doesn’t have to do it was just advice works for me. I used dubstep as an example b coz thats what i produce theres no folk songs coming out of my DAW

A few examples of seminal dubstep tunes that don’t fit your formula. Can we all move away from this now?

Fine but this is what i call a great example of Just gold old proppa dubstep imo :wink: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ENNbC_UmEM
And googles proppa dubstep formula lol

Thank you all for your input and ideas. It’s good to have such a varied response, some really good pointers for improvement and thoughts about style. Much appreciated

I wonder if your music has really epic intros followed by confused bullshit like that post. As you put it lol not a formula for dubstep rather a very specific form. “u left a bit out” called dubstep. He can make whatever sort of music he wants I dont think anyone knows what a soft pallete electro type drum pattern is, im not beethoven dude this is a dubstep forum.