Wiley On Rinse FM!


wiley & Dj Slimzee on rinse 9-11

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He actually turned up?!

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ye first hour was just slimzee then the shellin started at like ten

got out of work and just catching the last half hour. mad how much better Wiley is than everyone else

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Dropping them old school bootlegs>>>>>>

Yeah I think Slimz always does that… last hour “power hour” with an MC. Was the same with Riko.

Thought he might turn up cause you know… it is Slimzee, don’t wanna really let down a don like Slimz… but its not the first time I’ve thought that and he ain’t turned up.

Glad he did, will catch the podcast.

edit; lol looking on twitter is depressing… even djs like Jackmaster and Artwork going mad. Not gunna be able to listen til tomorrow evening :weary:

lol ye twitter went mad

shots fired @ radar !! haha



gee >>>>

damn, just clocked the podcast. nutty session

damn, 22min in, this shit ain’t no joke, Slimzee drawing for fire, havent even heard most this shit , can’t w8 for Wiley to join gonna be epic

look fwd to checking this at work tomorrow

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just listened to the podcast.

am i having deja vu or did i just hear the “i sell vinyl…now i sell mp3s…along with them i sell CDs” bar twice?

everybody does that tbh

This is massive too

don’t bother linking the set or anything then you shitkunts

Track at 00:40? Jeez

no one posted in here since last night you stupid fuck.
Not to mention unless Rinse have stepped up thier game big time since Radar came about, they used to take days to upload it. Riding the hype wave this time so gotta be quick on the buttons it seems

tune at 16:30 is good

Called @geeneus about a #RinseVSRadar clash and he ain't backing it. I hope this happens one day though. RADAR WAR READY - NO FEAR - 🔊🔥📻🔥🔊

— Radar Radio (@RadarRadioLDN) February 23, 2016


ofc G aint backing it… whats horsemeat disco gunna do inna warrrr