Witch House

I thought some of you guys would be into Witch House/Dark Wave. I’m just getting into it. Every now and again I’m finding tracks that are just on another planet!

Loving the really dark and fat trance like melodies and 808 drums.

I have linked one or two tracks bellow for anyone who hasn’t heard of it before. Everything BLVCK CEILING dose is amazing!


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Mate that just got straight up added to one of my playlists!

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That’s a serious necrobump! :smiley:

This song though!!

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From the grave on this one. Got me a zombie thread.

Yeah Blvck Ceiling is a boss! Don’t know why this one has a bunch of silence at the beginning though.

This tune is too fucking heavy!!! It borders on witch house but whatever… This might as-well be crack in a song. It’s a shame becuase this youtube upload is bad quality but the video is so cool!

Is it just me or is this dubstep(ish)?

Nah, chopped and screwed vibes more rly. Part of the classic WH ‘formula.’

I mean yeah there’s aesthetic overlap but no more than say trap and dubstep.

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Witch House…

It’s been long enough that it qualifies for a revival, naturally.

Future Witch lol :broom:

But the Kreepy Kabbalah vibes on this are actually p cool sometimes. Imo it’d be interesting to take this even more leftfield - less of the EBM/darkwave ting cuz that’s already been rinsed… Heavier (like Nadja, Jesu, Sunn) or Weirder (like Coil).

ape: nice avatar lol. black klezmer :metal:t6:


haha cheers!
well I have a lot of different side projects, varying “noise” outlets, breakcore, pop outlets etc everything to challenge myself
This one was born purely because I rarely had the opportunity to do some form of simple hip-hop/trap style beats (normally the stuff i make is in ridiculous time signitures) topped with the freedom to really just antagonise the listener.
The EPs that are only on bandcamp were a more leftfield, it wasn’t even necessarily Witch House per se, just experimental doom pop :skull:
The first album also on Spotify has deliberate tape warps/bends running through it all (was originally released on tape), and THAT pissed a lot of people off because they though the tape they bought was fucked :rofl:

As for the revival, I mean you hear it every know and then in Lana Del Rey, Banks even Billie Eislish there’s elements in there that have been lifted from Witch House even the minimalist logo representation. And does the Devil get the recognition from this? of course not.

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