Wolfram Tones Contest - let's make a tune together!

I threatened to do this months ago…


Instead of the normal contest format where we all submit one final piece anonymously and everybody votes and stuff, I thought this could be something more fun and inclusive.

What we’ll do is come up with cool algorithmically generated bits (no longer than 30 seconds please) using Wolfram Tones. We can then share the MIDI results with each other and people can build tunes using:

~ only posted Wolfram bits, and
~ General Midi sounds (as used by Wolfram).

What are Wolfram Tones?
Wolfram Tones FAQ


Who’s in?

This sounds like fun.

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Here are the render options fwiw:

I’m even cool with people editing wav parts together into a full track. Again, as long as the sounds are just GM it’s all good.

Are you talking about exporting the GM sounds from Wolfram Tones or exporting the MIDI and using it with other sound modules? Because I haven’t messed with GM in years that is on a hardware synth somewhere in a box.

Either. The GM bank is widely available and standardized, so it doesn’t matter if you use 'em from the site or loaded into a sampler separately.

Let’s also say no processing/modulating or external effects at least until the final songs are ready. Be freed by the limitation of GM1 lol.

MKS - Algo1

I have the MIDI file if you want it. Audio was edited down to be shorter though because of a weird click.

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dont have time but great idea

Don’t have time to hit a randomize button. :thinking:





i forgot what wolfram was
I thought it was the online shared daw thing

will get on this tommorrow :mrgreen:


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finished mine and put it on youtube

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I made a few more last night with the idea that I could maybe sample them later to make a tune so I kind of did stripped down ones of just bass and drums kind of like I did just pads and strings for my first one.

MKS - Algo2 Bass

MKS - Algo3 Bass & Drums http://tonescientist.com/audio/MKS_Algo3_Bass_Drums.wav MKS - Algo4 Drums http://tonescientist.com/audio/MKS_Algo4_Drums.wav MKS - Algo4 Drums & Piano http://tonescientist.com/audio/MKS_Algo4_DrumsPiano.wav

Tried dealing with the midi from a project I was mucking about with. Tbf it was a complete mess, didn’t even retain the bpm I had chosen. Also the timing was way off compared to what I heard in the preview.

Not sure I understand: you used a Wolfram midi and dropped it in a project in progress?

If so, the track settings can override the midi data on things like tempo.

But anyway, the point here is to come up with cool clips and share them for a joint project where we all have access to the same Wolfram clips and can use 'em to build our own tunes for eventual submission.

Does this work?

The tune is called Gl9HcbovcQweuPCgqNrfCYHihq8vq2kl0fNY39hf7N

Some sort of marimba / celesta shit.

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I like it. Has some nice little phrases - could parse it out into a few different song parts.

forgot about this!

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Oddly enough there’s a weird problem when I try to listen to those - they say they’re supposed to be 15 sec. long but I only hear a couple drum hits and then silence…


Render perhaps?

@mks definitely using that one of yours for some lead lines.

This one… heheh…

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…theyve disappeared. Ok tomorrow gonna SoundCloud a few

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mostly leads

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Ok am I getting this right?

I hit random buttons and listen to this thing poop out tune after tune of ‘original’ music, until I stumble across a hit.

I can then just grab it, export the midi, build a song around it and I’m good?

If this is the case I have nothing against it and hope we can get goodness from it.

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