Wonky/Grimy/Riddim bass (ponicz, p0gman, getter, infekt)

I’ve been producing for over a year now and i’m very familiar with logic x and external plug ins/ basic music theory, all that good stuff. I really want to make the half step almost trap style drum beat riddim dubstep. The link that i’m attaching is a perfect example of the type of music i’m aiming for. If you listen to the synth closely at 50 sec in, you can hear how it goes "down UP down UP down UP down UP’ thats the best i can describe it. HOW DO I MAKE MY SYNTHS DO THIS?! Ponicz is a prime example for this type of riddim and i just can’t seem to figure out how to make my synths hit that hard and in that style. Any help or knowledge on this would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


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Look at it as 3 completely different sounds. Up to mid, mid consistant and mid back up.

Its pretty much the same as making talking “robot” bass.

You cant just make one sound saying ebola.

You first have an E, then a b, then an o and so on…

Happy trying!