Woodwinds & brass in dubstep

can be sooo good
particularly in this type of tune,
the flute evoking the East
within stately & minimal breakstep:

or this classic use of flute with wobble by Plastician:

anybody think of sax, oboe, clarinet, trumpet, (!tuba!?)…equivalents?


the sax on that one ^ sounds like a UB40 rythm section solo
i.e. ska influenced skank.
on this one off City Limits:
Silkie doesn’t really adapt it to ds imo…it remains jazz.

ah yeah, again of that experimental era.
great ponderousness…what I call stateliness.
and dubby as fuck eh?

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this guy’s like me

couldn’t quite come at the flute

I find reddit has done a discussion on this

some nice tunes listed on there.

if you mean the melody bits of it are from godfather i think

which one?

Creamlard brought this one up in another thread

not quite liquid half-time but has early ds vibe at times

if only jungle had pursued this more organic path
the bass & sax solos so good

bit of brass and melodica…

and of course these lovely brass lines

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An old forum producer called 2oh1 made this track called Ghost Train.
The brass sections in this are just amazing. It’s got a real Specials/Ska vibe to it.

that album is so sick!