Workflow Tip [FL USERS - MUST READ]

Hello everyone, I recently experienced an increase in my workflow and production from this tip I started implementing into my current workflow/production rate
In the playlist: [Shown Below]

This is the playlist.

What I never realised is that you can categorise your tracks and group them under that category.

This is how the group would look like under my category for example (Named "Ambience")
This ambient category will contain all my effects such as my use of Black Octopus' Leviathan Pack 
"Lev_Dust_&_Dirt_02" and even the "Lev_Impact_White" so all those background effects can be placed under this
category like so.


So how did I do this you may ask? Well check this out.

Gif doesn’t work so here’s the gyazo instead Visual tutorial

So this is a great way to stay organised and it may help you to increase your workflow within FL Studio.

Text Tutorial - Provided if the gif doesn’t work :sob:

First you will name one of your tracks something like, "Drums", "Ambience", "Mids" and you may colour code them
if you wish. Then you will place everything you want in that category under that specified track.

Then you will right click on the track below the track you've specified as your chosen category and right-click and check
"group with above track". Then your track is placed into that category (group) - You may do this as much as you'd like
with as many tracks as you need - If you wish to colour code them > you can rename the category and just change the
colour to a colour that suits you. Then you must right-click on the category/group and click "Auto colour group".

Then there you have it! - With this you can easily move the groups simultaneously by right clicking on the group and moving either up or down and it will move the entire group for you. (Which speeds up the process of having to move them)

So I hope this has helped anybody who did not know this already and please tell me if it has improved your workflow at all!


ps, I’ve been using FL Studio for almost 2 years and I never knew about this until recently. I guess…

this man opened fl studio and you won’t believe what he found, click here to find out!


This is the funniest thing I’ve read all day. I literally had this in mind when I wanted to be funny at the start of my thread! XD I salute you!

I guess the point I was making is that for someone who has worked with a DAW for a long enough time still doesn’t know EVERYTHING about it… Hence you learn something new everyday :stuck_out_tongue:

cool tip

I found out recently if you accidentally drag an audio clip onto the little sidebar it names and colors it and colors anything else in it’s track line which annoys me to no end.

Alternatively, try reading the manual.

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That is an option. But I’m more of a visual learner than just reading plain text.
Also, this workflow tip could help those who are new to FL as opposed to existing users.

It’s like an experienced ableton user (say maybe 3-5 years of use) could have found out something he/she never even knew existed until they found it. There are so many things hidden in plain sight that producers overlook.