Worst Bars

Just listening to Skeptas album for the first time… not sure what the song it is but its some terrible wifey tune.

“Our love’s strong like Mufasa and Simba, Never need to download Tinder.”



Lol yeah that’s the last tune on the album innit? That was pretty terrible. Rest of the LP is fine tho


I think so yeah… that bar was truly shocking. D Double has a couple beauties but I can’t think of any off the top of my head.

Couple from JME - Game:

“The first day Dan got his CBR
Filled up the tank and came straight to my yard
Smiling ear to ear, revving hard
Like he’s just got a Dark Charizard”

“I don’t really play RPGs, all of your lyrics are PG”.

anything 9 Milli Major’s ever spat. ditto Shorty.

skepta has some bad ones on that mixtape with all over the house on it

‘shits so heavy the toilet waters splashing my arrrse’




sheek louch - the lox :
“Now I’m in the club, no V.I.P.
I’m down low where every last hoodlum be
I feel baby boy tryin to ice grill me
Walk up to him, you know nice and polite
Let him now it’s real, lift the shirt up light
I’ma let it off cause I ain’t tryin to fight”

The Lyric:
Jadakiss: I might gotta take my shirt off
Ghostface: Yeah, kid
Jadakiss: I like that one
Ghostface: Uh-huh, go in, go in


double deckers are pretty shit

that new 9 Milli Major thing on the radio with Jaguar Skillz is jarring, pure cringey shoutfest, but not even in a good way like Crazy Titch

f**k theres some horrendously bait bars out their i cant think of… come on brain!!