Would love some feedback

Working on this very weird dubby sounding track would love some input!


The drums are kind of dull imo. Throw more percs in, put some kicks in off-beats. Maybe add a pad or string in the background. I say these things because atm, it just sounds like rather generic ‘riddim’.

For sure, appreciate the honesty, yeah it’s a bit empty

I would take Morris’s comments with a pinch of salt. This type of sound lends well to the spars feel. I’d say it’s more about the mix. Bring the sub up and get the kick much more punchy then ride them off each other. The wide echo-y snare is a nice creative touch, the mid range stuff is fine and the arrange is nice. It needs a few more elements but don’t go over board. I’d say a slow ride cymbal on quarter notes in places a few little incidentals and a bit of drum pattern editing here and there. The elements are 95% there though, proper mix considerations will make this shine. I would advise against pads or strings. It’ll muddy the crap out of it. These tunes don’t (usually) work with bedrock sounds.

Yeah, do what he says, be another of the countless unoriginal riddim kids

You can be original within constraints. Imo that’s where the skill comes from. It’s actually incredibly hard to be notably original. There’s still a lot of merit in adhering to genre tropes, as long as you make it yours. It’s what 99% of the creative industry does. Except for those avant garde post-tonal white noise-step enthusiast :wink:

It’s only yours if you’re actively subverting tropes.

Could you explain to me how you’re “actively subverting tropes” in your productions on your soundcloud page? It sounds to me like you’re entirely “being original within the constraints of common genre tropes” across the various genres you’re experimenting with. The OPs track is dungeon/sparse, He’s got all the elements and it has an identity while being observably riddim-esq. It could do with a few tweaks but it’s not supposed to be the next ground breaking Go To Ten or anything. No one here is trying to be a Ludwig. I don’t understand your negativity tbh.

Loooooool sussed

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