Wow or turnado by sugar-bytes

im looking into getting one of these but witch one

depends on what u wanna do with it, also get the demo and check it out

i only have turnado but i can say its a lot of fun

I trying to get my sound to be like Jphelpz and mantis but I’m still kinda new.

wow is a little annoying imo - good sound but fucked up gui

there’s also liveslicer that is a bit fidgety but different

That would be cool i had it before but i had to restart my pc and for got to but it on my protable hard drive

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Wow 2.0 is good. It has a particular sound. Combs are neat. Not a swiss army type of plugin you put everywhere BUT it has some nice presets in it. Im fond of the “From the air” one for example to make transition bits or fx hits have a bit more speshal. (play with automations with it)

Ture I just can’t do anything else with massive to get me to where I won’t and the people that inspire me right now are getter and mantis and jphlepz I guessing they use one or more of these.

massive is a huge as complex synth which is definitely capable of doing 100 times more than your needs will ever ask for. i recommend getting into something instead of confusing yourself even more with further plugins

I understand that not saying that I master it I still have tons to learn. Just trying to add effect to the bass.

no matter how much you tweak massive it will always sound like massive. its much better to get your basic sound out of massive and process it with better saturation plugins for example (anything fab filter makes) or a more interesting/agile phaser if you’re trying to make a neuro-reese for example that sounds fresh… I wouldnt spend 2 days in massive imo when the bulk of the design and texture that will make your sound cool or innovative will come from bouncing down multiple times through different units ie fabfilter > phase automation > nitro > individual components of trash 2 or newer plugins that bring a new flavor to the table. Massive always has its tell-tale wavetableness to it otherwise lol.

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imo tbh tbf

i think youre not talking about this but if, how can u distinguish between a sinewave out of massive and 25 other synths.

if people always use massive the same way it will always sound the same way thats for sure. this counts for all instruments. guitars are the best example for me, i hate what most people do with them, sounds so shit to me, i hate ‘guitar sound’ (maybe because most people actually just do the same shit). but some people realise you can do whatever you want and use/translate that freedom onto a guitar et voila! good sounding stuff has just happened.

and yes about that effects thing but i dont know. i always and only use the things ableton offers and it all is perfectly fine and also is totally enough for me, so i look at this from another angle

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I’ve been where you are, IMO turnado is going to help you a little more…WOW is nice but def not necessary for making the type of stuff you want to make.

a sine massive v a sine from xyz plugin maybe not. but a sine with massives filters/phaser/hardclip and braunertube screams massive in a specific way always is what im saying.


I figured as much I have demo wow and like what sounds I was get but I’m going to try turnado out in a few minutes. I think I need to get so new sample pack I just saw I had just vengeance

Yeah I agree, massive is like a lego set, there’s lots of ways to put the pieces together but it will still always look like legos…

yea man. thats a good analogy. I lvoe massive, i use it for almost everything tbh, its an amazing synth and you can do almost anything with it. Just thats its not 07 anymore nahmeen

it is so very true