Writing notes with a MIDI controller vs clicking

I am interested in hearing peoples experience AND preference with the 2.
Personally I have never used a MIDI controller and have enjoyed it thus
far, I actually initially got into computer music because I got sick of
playing instruments, but now that I had a nice break I am thinking of
how I used to write music by physically playing the notes.

I am now for the first time writing music that is in my head (no theory
understanding whatsoever) and Im realizing how hard it is to get the
idea’s down by writing it into a grid because of the distracting overly
quantized sound. It makes more sense to just play it on a MIDI
controller although the one thing I’ve always found is I can’t find the
notes in my head as easily as clicking since the piano roll can adjusted
so the notes are more easily accessible. (and I never want to own a
more-than-25-keys midi controller).

So yeah… What do you think?

Should I reply here, or any of the other sites you’ve posted this on?

I can’t imagine not using a MIDI controller. Its so much more musical for me rather than using a mouse.

I use both depending on if I have a midi keyboard at the time. I can usually just draw in what I’m wanting to play but it is easier with a key board for sure. Why are u even asking this really

I generally just use the MPK for jamming and sound testing. All the notes go in via the key.
Sometimes though I do just record, but that’s usually for more ambient themed stuff, and I usually forgo midi and record into Edison.

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