Xone external effect loop?

i got an xone 23 now w/ an external delay pedal hooked up

the way the xone filter is supposed to work is you hit the filter button & if you want to put the external on you hit the ext button (ext will not work without 1 of the filter buttons on)

this was working fine & well until today when it seems like the external is working all by itself & has no hook up w/ the filter button anymore… ill even pull the faders down & the delay pedal is still making noise w/ the external button on & the filter buttons off

this is annoying & the way i was using it before it would not do this, the external would shut off when you hit off the filter button

anyone else use A&H have this problem??

also apparently A&H support is bullshit they dont even have a chat & ask you tell the distributor about the problem w/o contacting them directly?