XVIDEOS (music sepharina) provocative dubstep

hey check on spotify

The sound of someone having a wank with aggressive growls on top?
Im curious, why do you keep uploading these kinds of tracks? I mean sure, I can appreciate the humor and abstract silliness in this, but honestly, this and your 1min18sek “Porno” tune reminds me more of satirical attempts than actual music.

It also seems rather odd that you keep putting out this kind of stuff when you seem competent both technically and musically to produce actual tracks i.e Gennie Suubilig -Above the law /PROD sepharina (dubstep hip hoptrap) and especially this one Aria-A Girl with Devil (dark and tropical trap)

If you’re approaching everything from an absurd point of view i.e like Igorrr, Fanthomas (the album Suspended Animation comes to mind) then I get it, but if you’re not caring to explain your approach people will have a hard time understanding where you’re coming from, and in turn giving constructive feedback (if that’s what you’re looking for).

dear pokus
I will answer you
musically, I’m free to produce the music I want to hear
why … because I do not feel like a slave to the dogmas of this rotten society … that dictate to us how to think …
I have a lot of imagination … because I am a loner
I wanted to do this style between porn and music
I did it and I would do it again … it’s curiosity because I’m curious
I will reassure you … I did not send these music to religious groups.





This quote sounds like it’s from a video game or movie. I think I’ve heard it before.

I wouldnt’t put it beyond people in religious groups to enjoy a good wank or too. :grin: