Your Last Listen




The whole Galaxy Gardens album is amazing


Some irish folk music.




All 3 albums are good imo


Got that early lo-fi acid Warp / Analord vibe like some obscure 10inch you find on Bleep for a couple quid.


swear I’ve had this on repeat for like an hour


video is nsfw:


bruhh id completely forgotten this tune, even own it on vinyl

mad one


Well I’m sold

@Harkat haha big up, still need to cop it at some point


really enjoying this dutes music tonight, rugged stuff



Off one of my favourite compilations


never listend to those. dope, i love 90’s stuff like this


Anyone cop the East Man - Red, White & Zero album?


Not on YouTube, but the last song I listened to was “Incidents” off that new Ocean Wisdom album. If anyone hasn’t listened to it, I would highly recommend it - it is an incredible album.


Really solid album from what I’ve heard so far. However, a lot of the tracks are very sample heavy. I heard the Footsie - Scars instrumental and Logos - Menace being used as like a framework of the tracks. But overall it’s pretty inventive.


Had this on repeat on the drive to work for the last few days.
Never get tired of amen tumbles


Great pop song imo, it turns out Max Tundra is actually a big Cardiacs fan too, he did a bonkers cover of Will Bleed Amen


Dedicating this one to @Dubstep_Warrior and all the snh