Your Last Listen



Beautiful release from Synkro + Bering Strait. Even though it’s an oldie imo (2012), this one’s just so timeless. I remember seeing the repress of this go up around early 2016 but I didn’t pay attention to it. I also recently got into Synkro’s tracks, which led to me rediscovering this gem.


dont ask




Thinking about how I was a big drum and bass head back when I was in elementary school lol





This has been in rotation in my head for the past few days. When that b line drops.

Filthy Gears output is unreal.


big ridd



My favorite tim hecker tune



Need to cop that on 12" cause I’ve recently been getting into that sort of Bristolian / dubstep-inlfuenced hardcore continuum techno stuff.

On another note, listening to Bladee sounds so much better now that I’m a lot more mentally healthier. I started listening to him around early 2017, but didn’t really became a fan of him until over the summer. I found out about this old goldie a week ago.


I’ve jumped into this whole Vaporwave thing and after all this 80’s sample stuff I’m stuck with this



fucken banger
it’s like that tune from mario kart, but it goes on for 17 minutes and has some mad drumming