Your Last Listen


Martyns new album is really good.


Ooh, will have to give it a listen. Completely forgot about it lol




I swear someone said one of the MCs in this is kromestar lol is that right?


he did the beat, you can see him in the intro (“ironsoul on production”)


Had this on repeat for a couple days now.
One of the heaviest tracks I’ve heard. Gets me into a serious headspace. It’s been good to enter that headspace and zone out after the week I’ve had at work.


Absolutely wicked album, definitely gonna be rinsing


Only listened once and enjoyed it. Gunna stick it on after this Sophia Loizou album which is also very good


holy shit, i missed this one as well, listening now and its ridiculously good

not surprised tbh, but shocked that it hasnt been all over the social media hype groups, guess they should’ve named it bandulu666 and pressed 10 copies of the ting.

fuck tho, this album is gut. Ultimate uk vibe: bouncy, dark and swung out, properly tuff


Rizzla album out on Fade To Mind is :gunfinger:


Clams casino’s production on this is so sick




The same track you just spammed all over the forum u mong


The best part



Why’d you change it you bum boy




Someone stuck this on last night. Fucking sent me west