Your Last Listen

I srsly need to cop this.

Sup fool! Is that a song of yours or? Don’t think I’ve heard your tunes before

no, it’s a track of a friend of mine


there’s a couple of my own tracks on my forum profile page

This was a great listen earlier. Flawless transitions and a great flow, really picks up around the halfway point

:cannon: :cannon: :cannon:

c h a d w a v e

Edit - just clocked I posted this in two threads. Oh well fuck it lol


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Pretty sure I’ve posted this before and someone else posted it recently in tune of the day. But it’s such a peng tune

I started getting into techno a few months before I heard this tune. But this is the one that completely sold me, especially the UK techno stuff

Been rinsing this recently, love how big it sounds

2nd track is vibes

Was tempted to cop this earlier but idk

Already copped, been waiting for it tbh, karma played that 2nd one in a radar mix probs a couple years back, karma id’d it in the mix and i tried to find it, but it was unreleased so then i even sent rareman a cheeky email to see if it was getting a release, wasn’t expecting a reply (i don’t know him or anything lol) he replied tho but said it weren’t signed to any label…so was gassed to see it on bandcamp today…it’s a grower too btw

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