Yuwi - Moon eater [Dubstep]


Just finished it yesterday, I’d love to know what you think about it!


Dude, this is fantastic, I can’t say anything bad about it. Keep up the good work <3


thank you a lot m8!! (≧∇≦)/ :two_hearts::two_hearts:


Diggity dank as fuck


wow I’m not believing that you guys are really liking it, thank you a lot man :heart::heart:


It’s a neat track, but I’m hardly hearing any sub throughout the track. That’s making the track feel more thin, and empty vs. warm and full. The bass sounds are cool I like em, I can only describe em as a washing machine dying. I also feel like there could be more of a variety in the drops, because by the second drop the same automated bass continued with an abrupt ending, which is kinda odd. Nonetheless it’s structured good, and is a grimy tune.


Wow … sounds professional and I do not miss the sub … I like this very much.


wow! (sorry for take too long to answer :sweat: Idk why I didnt saw it before) I really appreciate your feedback!! I am working on a new tune right now and will try to be more aware abou this details! I did the sub in this one, maybe I EQed it wrong and losed some important frequencyes, I’ll really try to evindence more it in the next one! :smiley:
And about the drop… this is the hardest part to make for me lol and I’m improoving my skills in making it! I promisse that the next will be better!! :grin:


hey thank you a lot bro! :laughing: I am really proud of making this one in specific, is the first time that people are complimenting me for my music :two_hearts: (also sorry for the super delay :sweat:)


Hey Yuwi no problem :wink: