Yuwi - Potato chips [dubstep]


Hey guys! I just finished this tune, what do you think about it? where do you think that I can improove? :smiley:
thanks in before for the feedback <3

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Yo that was dope. That bass sounds clean on my monitors. Only thing i would say is I expected that bass to yoi for some reason… Down sample… Thats a preference tho, it was a boss ass bass… Sounds good homie :v: great job

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Yaay thank you a lot for the feedback Lord Satan :two_hearts::two_hearts:

Secret: I made that basses with some sounds of me chewing potato chips (that’s where the name of the tune came from) and I was having some difficulties at controlling this sound result, so when it got “usable” I just avoided of messing too much with it, but I guess yois would be super cool too :laughing:

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Sound design at its finest! Potato chips tho? Thats bad ass man, dont change it. Its a good track :+1:

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