ZamZam Appreciation


Absolutely nasty Poison Dart edit 12 mins into this one:


coulda gone all the way getting it well fucked up imo


That poison dart vocal over some warning dub remix >>>



found the last few releases to be a bit underwhelming but this sounds peng, dun dem is :gunfinger::gunfinger:




yes please


ZamZam radio show is live rn on Lyl, with a Pugilist guest set on the 2nd hour


release date?


safe, thats my morning listening sorted

@CreamLord says late sept in the description

#111 preorder on redeye


The next Versa record on Zamzam can be listened here >


Woi new Versa? Might have to break the ‘LP’s only’ rule


He did also a remix recently on Green Kings Cuts

But thats always hard to get one of their dubplate :confused:


Yeah I can’t be arsed with that label. Great output, just a shame it’s not more accessible.


Not as hard to get as bandulu screen prints imo lol


Oh, there will be plenty available soon I’m sure. On scogs.


Lol, not gonna line the pockets of discogs sharks, I’ll settle for the plain sleeve


the new Khaliphonic is sounding lovely. Cool to see this side of Binga’s production and the artwork is great as per usual


ZAM 67 = Versa (December)
ZAM 68 = Causa (January)
ZAM 69 = J:Kenzo (January)

looking forward to hear what Causa & J:Kenzo reserve to us, jkenzo - within was a perfect meditation tune