ZamZam Appreciation

one of the baddest labels about, no question.

new stuff forthcoming, artwork looking peng as usual.


that RSD sleeve is so nice!

this is one of the heaviest dubstep tunes to come out in the last five years…
absolute percy and very dear to me.


The flip on that is insane as well. I’m pretty sure the Egoless remix is forthcoming on Zamzam as well; fully hyped for that.

I’m personally really excited and curious to hear the forthcoming Danny Scrilla ZamZam.

Also, can’t forget about their 12" sister label, Khaliphonic. Sherwood’s version on Khali001 is one of my favorite tunes I own.

huge tune
might cop it soon

1 BigUp

pdxindubting! label is so sick
that phased entity & echo wanderer album is actually a solid dubstep album. it’s not groundbreaking (actually i’d say the tunes are sort of homages to certain producers; like they almost sound familiar, but in a good way). definitely not something i would have expected to hear this year.

some of the pdxindub tapes seem sick too but there’s no digi

EGOLESS(about the warning dub remix):

I get e-mails / messages via social networks almost every day about this one. !YES! fam it will be released on ZamZam Sounds later this year, just hold tight and watch their page …


Big tunes on this label. The El mahdy one as well is sick

Los Gaiteros De San Jacinto - Dub De Gaita Vol II & III out soon…

Really wish I wasn’t so skint.

Also ZamZam big boss man featured on the new Ishan record:

Next up on Khaliphonic is this on 10"

Really feeling that DJ Madd release


instabag, thanks for the heads up

Alter Echo & E3 - Warning Dub (Egoless Remix - Alter Echo Mad Ting Edit) [forthcoming Khaliphonic]
Alter Echo & E3 - Heights (feat. Rider Shafique)
Alter Echo & E3 - The Sound Tonight
Twilight Circus - Why Can’t We All Be Friends (feat. Big Youth) [forthcoming ZamZam]
Alphadub - Look To The East (Alter Echo Remix - Monkeytek VIP) [dubplate]
E3 - To The End (El Mahdy Jr. Remix)
LAS - Omega Dub [forthcoming ZamZam]
Compa - Shaka’s Truth [forthcoming ZamZam]
Titus 12 - Bury Dem [forthcoming ZamZam]
Gulls Rhythm Force - Message To Rogg [forthcoming ZamZam]
Alter Echo & E3 - Original Rock (Rif Mountain Dub) [dubplate]
Teleseen - Distant Drums (Alter Echo Remix) [dubplate]
Los Gaiteros De San Jacinto - Mi Gaita

Zam Zam interview:

finally coming out


mean one.



had to buy a 2nd copy of this one, wore the first one out