Zetasis - Eye of the Storm [Is Progstep a thing?] (thoughts and critique?)

Hey people! Been a while since I posted anything, but this is something I put a LOT of work into and would love your thoughts and feedback. This has a lot of melodic dubstep influences to it and was heavily geared toward sound design. All the synths were designed from scratch and the song totaled over 50 tracks (not including the kit). It’s a little more progressive than your typical dubstep and has a few significant parts, finally building into a complex finale for the end of it. I know it’s a bit lengthy but I try to avoid repeating too much and try to introduce new sound elements when something does repeat. Hope you enjoy!

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Sounds like a masterpeice this.
I can imagine it being part of the score to a computer game.
Like if streets of rage did a remake of their old games this would be played at the end when you beat Mr X.
It’s a bit happy sounding for my personal tastes, I like a darker sound.
The mix sounds ultra professional and perfect. That could be a subjective downfall. It definitely doesn’t have a dirty underground dubstep feel to it that some people like. It sounds like some music scientists in south Korea made it rather than someone in a rough part of London.

Funny you say that it sounds like a score. I actually transitioned into electronic production from film score production. So no doubt that definitely has a strong influence on my style. I’ve always liked the more cinematic stuff when it comes to music. I appreciate the positive feedback very much!

Again the composition here is really well done. Basically what I said about your other song applies here as well. What are you using to monitor your low end? It’s honestly where the majority of issues in your mix are showing up.

I usually just pop a visual EQ onto the master track to look at the frequency ranges, and also on the individual tracks to see where they are falling. I think i may not be setting my cut off high enough when high passing the main instruments.

I meant how are you listening to the bass? What type of monitoring system are you using in terms of sound monitoring?

Oh that’s also part of the problem. I have 0 budget and am just working off a laptop and some sennheiser headphones. I dont have any actually monitors :confused:

It’s not bad for working with just headphones, but you definitely need a way to monitor your bass cuz it’s got some serious clarity issues which is detracting a lot from your songs. If you want to make this more than a hobby, I would seriously consider looking into getting a subpac, or some inexpensive KRK monitors, or some way to monitor your low end because it will make a huge difference if you are able to actually hear your music. EQs and spectrum analyzers can only do so much.