Zomboy Organ Donor V.S. When We were young and the evolution of Rhythm

Organ Donor https://youtu.be/5CVxC0j1wK0
When We were Young https://youtu.be/5u7PZ4Gm1N0

I noticed that “organ donor” has no rhythm, it’s just a series of sounds. While “when were young” has the proper dubstep rhythm. The reason i made this thread is because I want to know what changed. The tempo should be right around the same but both tracks sound very different rhythmically. All my tracks sound like “organ donor”. But I want them to sound more like, when “we were young”. What’s the trick? I’ve tried sidechaining my kicks and snare yielding piss poor results. I just don’t know what to do.

What do you mean by that? Obviously it’s got rythm, couldn’t groove properly without one.

Yes, both are around 140bpm.

From the top of my head the main difference between the two is that WWWY has got shorter (staccato) bass-stabs/growls while the ones in organ donor seems slower and more ‘drawn out’ if you will.

I’d recommend checking out some tutorials on youtube. This one seemed to have a lot of good tips imo (if you can bear the hyper editing etc)