Zomboy squarified kinda bass

Hello, I would like to know how to do this kind of bass in massive or serum. thank you

1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dc2kqR1OXqc 1.50 ~ 1.53

2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6IA8kK5gHU 0.06 ~ 0.11


yo tbh that isnt a square bass (at least I dont think so) I got this sound latley I dont know if thats like close because I stoped copying sounds a while ago but if you like it I can explain a bit if you want: https://soundcloud.com/xorax_dub/skrilldox/s-LKrxc (talking about the first bass btw.)

That’s a really nice bass actually – would you mind describing your process?

Yeah sure dude like the patch is really simple actually

So I am using Serum for this sound: Open Serum

for OSC A: pick the Basic mini shapes (it´s under Analog)

choose the Reamp 4 and automate that and the WT postion to your likings with the help of a LFO

for OSC B: choose the Basic Shapes (also under Analog) and put it on a Square wave use FM from A and put it around 50% automate the level so the squarewave is not sooo present (its just to give the sound a harsher character)

for LFO there are realy no rules here just make something you like

Dont use the Filter in serum go straight to the FX tab:

Use some distortion (I used the softClip) automate the drive (with the help of the same LFO you used for everything else obvioulsy) form 0%-100% and set the mix to 100% also

next up is a Filter: use the HP12 (under Multi) automate the cuttoff and the Freq to your likings (they should be atuomated “against each other” so you get a more vowely sound)

nexthing is realy wierd and I guess you dont realy need it but it gives it a nice Metallicy sound: Use a Delay:
F around 796 and Q around 5.3
Left and right signal both at 1/128 (you can also try to lower that I never actually fucked with that tbh)
Feedback at 40% and automate the mix from 0%-100%
next Compressor: use the Multiband setting (obivoulsy :D) and just mix it untill you like the sound no real rules here tbh

for external fx:
My fx overall consists of: Compression (OTT) - Dis (Ohmicide) - Reverb/Delay (RC 48) - Waveshaper - EQ

I think the most important things here are the RC 48 (because it gives the sound that metallicy wide felling) and Ohmicide because it gives the sound more “drive”

I guess the most important thing to consider while making sounds like that is dont make them “too harsh” secialy in the top end I would also recomend to use a simple LFO shape and automate the Speed of the LFO this way you still have this “flowing” and “connecting” sound but it´s still not getting boring for the listener

Yeah that´s basicly if you have problems with it be sure to hit me up I am more than happy to anwser your Questions (and also pls dont kill me for my grammar and stuff my mothertoung isnt English and I am not from England/America so pls dont kill me :D)

e: OH SHOT I FOROGT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING…well I guess its not that intersting but still cool to know I guess :smiley: :

so In order to make the sound even more intersting use a second LFO and give it like a downlifitng shape like this one: click me I am a screenshot

go to the Matrix page in Serum and link the Master Tune to the LFO with the downramp automate that at around 7% and you should get that downlifting sound you can also play around with that !

so yeah thats realy it this time but still if any one has questions feel free to hit me up yo !

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Real talk, you didn’t lock it because I told you to, innit? :cornlol:

eh? not that im aware of

Thank you, i could do this on massive with Phase and Double Notch.

But now I would like to do this kind of sound, any tips ? :smiley:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0owOc4-keU 01:06

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7DjTdKizs4 00:55

https://soundcloud.com/getterofficial/febreze 00:26


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