Zyxz sells cassettes now

Top album, the tapes only a dollar which is ridiculous, must cost him more to make them: https://zyxz.bandcamp.com/album/delta-mornings

Is this a vaporwave thing? I don’t understand why people would want to buy tapes in 2015, I mean, I don’t even have a player or anything these days.

lol the audacity

I didn’t fucking make the album, why would you immediately assume that?

You created an account and went straight to promoting that page. Can’t fault us, can you? :wink:
Welcome to the board, by the way.

Thanks for the welcome! Actually, I’ve been here for a while, I just haven’t posted on the new board yet. Is there a reason the board was changed to a new platform?

yeah what kind of fucking weirdo buys tapes in 2015


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I rock a Technics tape deck that was like $10 in the thrift store. Most of my old Punk is on cassettes.

I know a looooot of guys that buy tapes it’s definitely a thing round here. It’s the cheapest way of physically releasing your music in a respectable format. u get to choose the colour of the cassette, artwork looks dope and it’s so easy to reproduce. plus the aesthetic.

lol, even if commodo started only releasing on cassette i wouldn’t go back to that format.