10 seconds tuna competition PART TWO

@_ronzlo @Jizz @hubb @cyclopian @fragments @Samuel_L_Damnson @Tolsof

  • make a piece of music that is inspiring, universal, blah-blah, da-da-da, optimistic, futuristic, sentimental, emotional
  • it must last less than 10 seconds
  • winner gets nothing
    deadline for submissions: 02/28/16, 7:46pm CET

who’s in?

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I’ll try this one

Booting up my cracked…er, um butt. My buttcrack. (Yeah! That’s the ticket!)

Srsly now-


eh what the hell!..I’m down like a clown

(so much face palm for me, but I’m leaving it…beer buzz on my studio day…)

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yes, in


although whats the theme or is it just best 10 sec piece

10 metric seconds or 10 imperial seconds?

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sorry mate dont have time and my ears are fucked but good comp

i think someone needs to enter this recording a speach lol

argue pizza for ten secs or something + drum rolls


Think mines done already. Pretty happy with it. Worried it will render to 11 seconds or something dumb

We need a 10 second Deadly Habit dramatized thread read.


Going to get on this soon. I don’t have any really good ideas yet. Think I’m going to go drumless, rhtymless, but possibly record some of my own vocal bits.

That sounds sick

I’m probs just gonna make some sort of radio stinger type music clip

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@faultier we sending these in to you?

PM’d mine this weekend.

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yeh send entries to me

got something pretty retarded done lol


Guaranteed to win then lol

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Anyone interested in taking an obtusely academic approach lol: