100bpm Contest Nov 2016 (DAMNSON EDITION) - winner announced




8 days lads. ive actually ot made s.t. tis time so may try get s.t. going


Just finished mine. Quite satisfied with it. Liked the samples damnson


got something done for this actually, v short on mixing and finishing touches tho

when’s send in, is it like evening of 22nd or morning


Call it midnight 22nd. (GMT)

I haven’t done one this time due to being a willy


safe might try and tweak on day if i get time, really cool samples


Cheers to guys who’ve submitted s.t. will try to post up thread in my break tomorrow


How many? Just curious.

Really wanted to but am too busy playing blindfolded medicinedodgeball with life.


Have had 2 so far :wink: I haven’t managed one myself due to general life stuff happening and working onna remix for budspencertron.


Shit only 2 :c


Just call it a tune battle I guess… THE EPIC 100 BPM tune battle that is.

Looking forward to hearing these. :bluethumb:


Shit how do we submit. Is it too late?


Send it over to Mr damnson


Guys just send em over I won’t have a chance to upload til possibly tonight or maybe even tomorrow cos I’m not gonna be around.

Unforseen Bantam and extra work shifts etc.

So yea don’t worry if u are a bit late I fucked up


Any more entries?


So guys I’ll post the entries tonight. It’s a head to had battle and both tunes are dope.

Big up guy I get that it’s a busy time of year and maybe I should have postponed it but yea.

Sorry I’ve been slacking with this shit


All good. At least you didn’t close the poll, forget to announce the winner, and delete all the entries like I did

Kinda sad that there were so few entries. Hope it’s cuz of the holidays


I had no idea it was on. Probs would’ve put something together for it.


Guess we just need to try and get better exposure on these. Maybe try and get a list of people to tag or something


Tbf, I wasn’t checking as much as usual over the past month because of exams and that, maybe that kept some others out too?

Couldn’t hurt too much to make a general competitions list so that everybody knows about each one and they can say yes or no as they see fit.
Trouble is getting people to volunteer to have their names on it in the first place, lol.
Maybe we could just build the list from comp to comp.