100bpm Contest Nov 2016 (DAMNSON EDITION) - winner announced


Be careful or I’ll suggest a dedicated subthread again. :smiling_imp:


I enter in just about every one that I can. It’s pretty much the only music I’ve been making lately unfortunately. Honestly I feel like just a list of people to tag would be good enough. A full on dedicated thread could get very bogged down. Especially with how this forum works, it would be difficult to keep track of which competition is going on. And if a new person wants to join in it could get confusing to scroll through. If like the 2-3 people who are usually in these just made a list it would probably work out well.
And then if someone wants to join in they can just ask to be added.

I think me ronzlo and jrkhands are in most of these comps. I could make a file of people to @

Would be cool if we were given privileges to tag more than 10 people or whatever.

Then there is always the almighty @ everyone


I forgot about this, but maybe the @moderators could add constrained versions of this for each of the subforums?
So for a competition you could just hit “everyone_production” for instance, and it would notify all the people who’ve posted in production?


That would be pretty awesome. That might still be overkill. So again something like @everyone_comp would be nice and then just add a notation like “to get added to this tag please pm x”


As long as I never get an @everyone_production spam… :spam:




Shit man the Sam mix is good


Goddamit you talented assholes. Way to crush a contest with only two people. :surprised:

Intro/Kwenda/Kurudi - did this motherfucker just foist an EP on us in 5 minutes? LOL. No matter what you call it there’s some very interesting ground being covered here (esp. dug Kwenda section) that warrants being developed further imo.

Sam - right out the gate just bumps. Arrangement is great, moves along without any clutter and only doing what’s needed. Overall mix is a bit raw but that’s irrelevant to the quality of the tune itself.

(Secretly glad I didn’t do this one :cry:)


I know I was really impressed with both entries. It’s really hard to pick a favorite.
Would love to see intro/kwenda/kurudi finished into like short EP thingy it’s got some awesome spine tigling vibes.
The Sam track has a fantastic beat and progression and would love to hear it in a dancehall mix of sorts.


Bump… We need more votes guys


Bumping again. Poll and songs are in the OP

@Samuel_L_Damnson when does voting close?


Forgot to say. Shall we say like Friday 12 midnight?


Man these threads never stay near the top of the forum


Sam’s obviously put in more time, lots of variation, sounds even ethnic at times
but Rack’em’s got a nice break in the middle.



Ended up with a pretty decent amount of votes.Shoulda been way closer tho imo


Yea I’ll like close this up for now


U guys did fantastic jobs tho


lol yeah was neck and neck at the start then i got spanked again

big up tolsof, ur tune was fly, particularly the last section


Thanks man yours was great too. Could definitely see that being played at a club.

I’ll get to work on the next pack… Hopefully we get some more entries

Also would be great if we could get that one pinned @jrkhnds :wink: