100BPM v2017 Sample Pack Comp (NOW - 28th)

Alright boys and weak males, time for the next comp.

You guys know the rules, You can only use the samples from the pack.

Here’s the link: https://www.mediafire.com/?gysvc4wwcl8apqd
Gonna give it ~3 weeks so it will end on the 28th.

Pm me a link to your song when you’re done

@_ronzlo @Samuel_L_Damnson @jrkhnds @RKM @mks @whoever else normally competes in these.



i don’t think jrkhands makes tunes if memory serves?

I think he was in a couple different ones. Might be wrong… Either way if he could pin this that would be great.

Can we use @ everyone or do we get done

I mean I don’t see why you can’t especially since they put it on the site… as long it’s not excessive I suppose



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Pinned it


I think I was thinking of cyclopian not jrkhands :stuck_out_tongue:

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These packs keep getting better and better. Or maybe it’s just my weak maleness that thinks so. :hmm:

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There were some pretty good loops in that random jazz album I found. I might make a beat outta one of those.

Just remembered I’m going to be skiing in Colorado from the 20th - 27th So I’ll close this on the 28th instead :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah definitely

this is the second time ever I’ve visited a production thread.

enjoy nerds.


2 week reminder/bump. Hope you guys are getting some awesome beats out of this



Been without a laptop for a few days, got my new charger today, and with two days left till Uni kicks off again, I reckon I’ll be spending them well :smiley:
Thanks for the reminder!

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No reason not to start :wink:

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lol truuu

reminds me i need to make a start on this

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Less than a week left boys

This ends tomorrow so don’t forget to pm me your songs.

Hopefully we get a bunch of submissions

sorry i didn’t get anything done for this one : (