Inspired by the 100bpm competition, I’ve been making a tune at this tempo that I’m happy with.

Is there very much of it, or is there exploration to be done?

theres a ton of music at 100 bpm, a lot of it is bad ( I c u “glitchhop” and “mid-tempo”) but there are some gems, to my ears at least

fun fact, 105 bpm mixes perfectly with dubestep if the percs work out correctly in the tune

Maybe we should all make 100 music and change the name of the forum to 100f.
100 music has lots of samples of airhorns and is all about keeping it 100.

Its gonna be the next big thing

(On a serious note I’ve always wanted to make s.t. at that tempo but have never really known what)

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i’ve dipped into it in the past but its what i’m mainly making now, again more or less off enjoying the last 3 or so production contests

i mean really you’ve got a lot of hiphop, dancehall and some really slow house/techno type stuff to draw inspiration from

dancehall/reggaeton is probably what i try and channel most and it’s really big in uk ‘club’ type music atm, see a lot of djs asking for 100bpm tunes on twitter, people like florentino, murlo, deadboy are making wicked stuff in that vein, as are the more out there bala club people like kamixlo and endgame

it’s fun to get really slow tho especially if you’ve come from dubstep/grime which is fast, the beat at 100 gives you so much more space to let a groove flow (so also check out rushmore’s 100bpm series, it’s mixes of chopped and screwed versions from genres like ballroom house and uk funky, it’s really good)

I feel like you can do pretty much whatever you want at 100bpm

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im about to go make the ‘growls at 100 bpm’ thread in production brb


How far away do you get before it doesn’t count?

And at 200:

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prob around 99 and 101 bpm

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Edit: this guy’s tunes are all pretty cool if you like it rough & heavy.



Hearing more and more - Eprom seems to be embracing fully.

Some sick tunes in this mix.

Post more if you got 'em…

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First half is mostly around 100bpm; he gets a bit ravier and ups the tempo considerably later on. Can’t recommend this dude highly enough.


That’s 3/4 dubstep.

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wonderful observation, the stuff im talking about is not even in the ‘realm’ of dubstep tho.

Obviously brostep then, captain smart buttock.

glad to see you back