140 flirtation

tunes from that stage when anyone making electronic music, particularly in the uk, was jumping on dubstep so tunes by people who only dropped a small amount of 140 but were sick at it

(i kinda wanted an excuse to post darkstar)

this is probably related to the underrated tunes thread but allow that same argument over ‘not being played in last 5 years’ means underrated when ‘geiom used to play this all the time’ etc


these andy stott tunes defo count


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^AnD - Nebulos


oh and

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these are sick :OO

i knew you’d go in on this :shower:


^kowton’s old alias

benny froobs’ comment on this one lool hotted up kowton

only realized today that baobinga=sam binga among other aliases …

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i guess rsd made a pretty big impact in dubstep and is still more or less involved but still someone that made their name elsewhere long before

i did not know kowton was narcissist
kinda makes sense tho

i’d heard it but i’d never seen any narcossist tunes till i had a dig today, assumed it was an alias that he dropped fairly quickly without putting anything out

craap name

think he explained it in some interview with blackdown. if i’m not imagining things

may be chatting poop but seem to remember having some narcossist mixes on my old ipod

fuuuuuck forgot about how sick that modeselektor remix of prototypes is.
so weighty

it’s interesting seeing what some of the techno heads now used to play, i remember seeing an old sub fm show by the hessle dudes and tracklist was stuff like caspa-rubber chicken, jack sparrow- spam purse

obviously they’re 140 heads from day 0 still quite jokes compared to their current sets/releases

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ramadanman was originally producing grime i think or intending too. but scuba moving to berlin and all those detroit techno sounds in the dubstep they were making made them share lineups with techno peeps i guess. then when ppl like joy orbison and untold as well, it became more technoey. then there was 2562 and martyn coming from europe too
in bristol at the time julio bashmore was getting big and floating points had that club night at plastic people too so there was just bare cross pollination and stuff. i guess it was inevitable that when you had house/techno ppl jumping on dubstep youll get dubstep ppl jumping on house and techno

surgeon and shed and modeslektor always been doing stuff with dubstep ppl too so i guess theres that too
and all the marcel dettman, wil saul remixes and stuff

yeah yeah, when i interviewed pete on my radio show i thought it was really interesting he said that what kinda toppled bristol dubstep wasn’t the explosion of filth but bare of the producers taking an extended trip to berlin and wanting to go fully house/techno

(that was a good show fucking pile of shit station didn’t manage to record it)

thats the way. all the good shows, bedroom mixes the recording fails lol.

yeah there was all that fantastic mr fox stuff, mount kimbie, james blake, velour and night slugs that kind of took over. i guess it was a bit more dancey and less dark and moody so not surprising