That is fucking garbage not garage


Any id on the tune at from around 36:00?


Slaughter Mob - Zombie


I have as we enta/pipe dreams, bangers both


all belters this

hadnt heard this before


anthem nobody posted yet i think



I posted it earlier with that EZ boilerroom room mix, unless that was in a different thread?

Also it is all about the full version with the bass and no vocals at about 1 mins in:

:gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger:


Thing about Wookie’s tunes is that there is no swing, still classics doe


wookie’s 4 the djs


this sounds weird at the original bpm tho, needs +3



yeah, this is the normal 12" version right?

idk, I actually have like 5 copies of this tune on different records, and I dont think I’ve ever reall spun any of them, I can’t hang on the EZ vibe

Im really really bad at mixing UKG in general, massive fan of the music, but as a DJ I dont have what it takes to keep that vibe alive. Its a mix of super technical DJ’ing and selection vibes, almost like hip hop that i cant really do personally. Not enough balls on me


Both are, just think the 2nd one was uploaded pitched up.
First video artwork is what mine is, plain sleeve.
Actually whoever i got it off Scogs years sgo drew their own sleeve, i’ll try find it. They put effort into it lol


lol, you know he was on some super speedy beans and did that late night, tribute to the goblins


Looks pretty wack tbh, would look far better in plain Black sleeve but for the effort they put in i thought i would leave it :lol_og:

But yeah the first video is at 0, ppl are just used to it being faster. I THINK. Can’t remember the last time i played it tbf


Gospel house chour version is live too. Garage is super technical to mix. Got to learn how to cut and know your tunes phasing inside out


Which is why Ez is a don. Can’t go into it mixing with gradual transitions like Techno.
I guess like Hip-hop


I can manage that tbh, but I think the big difference here is that only a handful of people in the audience know the know the tunes, so its a lot harder to get away with a quick cut to a banger, most dummies here will just be standing there like, “why did the dj just turn that song off?”

gotta trick them into enjoying some cheesily large UKG tune which can be hard, in the uk, you play the first 8 bars and everyone knows whats incoming. Here people are scratching their chin


I may have a garage set in whistler this xmas so will have to see how the sound travels interconintentailly lol

Fuck spelling that


Never mixed much 2 step but loads of 4x4 and that stuff is very easy imo, a lot of it has easy dubstep-like breakdown structure etc, just do 16 or 32 bar blends