Tbf garage sets so much better with an mc or someone hosting


yeah I keep thinking Im a real shitty DJ because I mostly concentrate on garage and mixing is really hard. then when I have a sesh with like technoish and houseish stuff where you can mix long ass blends and tracks have long intros with minimal elements its kids play


On that note, was there any aversion to UKG in the US from house heads who considered it a bastardisation of the sound?

Sort of like how we looked down on brostep, ha ha. I imagine the next generation are simply unaware of it, but still.


lol there was this big Flash website called Ishkurs guide to electronic music that served to get a lot of nerds into it. Basically he drew a big map of the development of all the different subgenres etc, in the early early 2000s. He got a lot of stuff kinda factually wrong but it was pretty interesting, especially as theres little recorded nerding out about dance music before the 2000s.

whats funny is that guide hated UKG, especially 2step and absolutely thought it was a bastardization of the house sound. He almost said 2step was like crappy amateur R&B made by people with less talent.

Its actually not that hard to imagine why once one takes off the UK propaganda truhed glasses

US Garage is a lot more “musical” in the traditional sense, piano solos, session musicians, talented black singers whove belted out motown classics 24hrs a day since the crib, long zoned out jams

The UK stuff is way colder, more rugged and stiffer. It’s pretty much all structured around bass drops to some extent. The vocals are MCs or singers who just can’t belt it out like the americans most of the time.

Like if you liked this

you might think this was some srs bullshit lol

this is all funny cus now the UK are the snootiest about their bass culture and american bastardization.

They were already the ones who put wob drops in house music lol its their fault!


Dunno man. Can argue that wookie, mj cole, anthill mobb, industry standard, ordinary people etc are as musical. I can see why a house dj would dislike it though as it does often focus on drops. But if anything its the jungle/reggae and rnb and hiphop influences that make it so special and add to it not take away.


oh yeah UKG is mad special, probably the best sound for raw vibesy hype ever. i personally tend more towards the UK shit and tbh the whole term “musical” in music is so stupid, whys piano solos more musical than bass drops.

I just can see why it might put off purists like all genre evolutions do, even though it later becomes enshrined as this legendary scene etc. Like didnt the vibesy 2step DJs kinda oppose grime too?


Also point on vocalists is nonsense… mis steeq gabrielle shola ama lisa mafia tina moore are all incredibly highly regarded vocalists


Yeah the poppy part of the genre did. But that was all the almost cartoon character like mcs like creed.


Funnily enough, I was thinking of Ishkur’s guide when I posted that! It makes sense though.

@DJoe I recall Artwork mentioning in an interview that a bunch of garage DJs and MCs held a meeting about how to ‘stop’ grime, which is pretty funny tbh.

Then again, when you compare say, Sincere to Pulse X, I can sort of see why someone would think the latter is badly-produced, aggressive crap made for the MCs as opposed to the dance floor.

It’s interesting how these situations seem to repeat themselves every generation or so.


lol its funnier than I remember



big up the ishkurs guide picked up a few bangas on there


got inspired by @harkat’s recent UKG tunes and tried someting out


Yeah was like the big mcs at the time. Tbf its not surprising. Garage was in some rrspects a mess and didnt in any way rrflect reality of the the lives of young people in london at the time.

Was all about big cartoon like personalities. Popping champers in the club. Wearing very expensive bright clothes like versace and gucci. Footballers and big celebs in the clubs.

No surprise street culturr at the time was the complete opposite. Kids were dressing like dipset. They wanted their music to reflect their life and madr music more dominated by mcs with deeper lyrical content (ie not just telling blokes to buy women drinks and telling women they look sexy tonight).

The champagne garage lot did not want a load of kids in track suits and new era caps or with jeans round their ankles performing in their clubs talking about skengs


really good


Personelly think you should get rid of the melody and jus leave the drums, bass (which are :gunfinger:) and make it more intense.
Put some subtle horror score samples with a shit load of reverb or something.
But what do i know, i don’t even produce




Ha ha! Though early UKG (before it was even called UKG I guess) was p. faithful to its origins imo.

Fast forward a few years and…

Yeah, I get why Americans might hate on this!*

*Still an absolute banger



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