Ableton Live 10

Sorry if there is a thread for this. I used the search bar and found nothing.

What do you guys think? Some of the new devises look so cool. Really want to play with the new Echo and Drum Bus! and… the new distortion sounds awesome!

Things should run a little smother with the new UI updates. I was expecting more on the UI updates TBH.

I have to say though the new wavetable synth is basically a crappy rip off of Serum! It really will change Dubstep though. Everyone that doesn’t have access to Serum, like new producers and young producers will suddenly have access to a high quality wavetable synth!

The ablity to put groups inside groups is something that other DAWs have had for a long time. I feel like this will effect me the most. I have been hoping it would be added to Live for a long time!

Right now though I am saving up for Cubase 9. All of the reasons I left Cubase and switched to Ableton in the first place seem to have been fixed in Cubase 9. Well most of them. I don’t think this new update will stop me from moving.

The update is cool but I was expecting more.

No one interested in this new Ableton? Man this place has changed!

What is this Ableton that you speak of?

I dont know man but the guy in the video seems to like it!

I do want to check out that synth and the new delay sound cool. I was thinking about getting an additive synth.

I am really into delays and have built up a collection of some good ones. Would like to hear what this one can do.

It looks nice but i hope theyre not going the route that logic went and are trying to dumb it down…

My collection needs a good delay right now. I end up putting the filter delay on a return track so I can edit it to sound less crap.

What happend with logic? I have only played with it a few times out other guys houses.

Have you checked out EchoBoy from soundtoys yet? Probably will go on sale in a couple of days even.


have you used it? does it do a decent tape-loop style ‘dub’ delay?

still not 100% happy with any of my tape loop delays…even the U-he satin…i lust after UA delay plugins but can’t afford the necessary hardware

EchoBoy sounds really good. It is modeled after several classic delays including the Space Echo.

Soundtoys are some of the most musical plugins out there imo.

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Yes. I’ve owned the complete bundle for 3 years or so.

Yes. Imo the best I’ve heard coming from plugins, but then again, I just use it on everything and never think twice about how it sounds tbh. I’m probably biased, thinking that all the praise that it gets everywhere I turn is justified.


cool, will check out the free trial, cheers :cheers:

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EchoBoy sounds lush. Would love to have it. I seem to be chasing a more and more analog sound.

Hopefully it will go on sale for Christmas. I just can’t justify spending £150 on a delay right now. I’m still trying to put together £500 for Cubase 9.

£77 with the current discount for echoboi

The Native Instruments Replika XT has some really nice Tape delays plus modulation effects.

I know you are searching for a tape delay emulation.

I had the free Replika that NI gave out three years ago and the upgrade to XT was only $25 right now.

Went immediately to the tape delay and it sounds really good.

People on Gearslutz seem to hold both the EchoBoy and the Replika XT in high regards.

Thought I’d would let you know.

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Lol nice one, i think i may actually own that too haha, will check it out cos kids xmas presents left me no money for black friday deals in the end :weary:

Copped echobwoi friday…really happy with it so far :cheers:


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Ayyy congrats man! :hooray:

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