Ableton Live 10


Anyone on Live 10 yet? I had it in my cart for the 20% pre-sale upgrade but forgot. It was about a $60 savings.

I was wondering what dsf peeps thought about it? I might just wait until around Thanksgiving when it might perhaps be on sale again, but we’ll see.

It took me long enough to upgrade from Live 8 to 9.


its v good, but I’m not ready to fully switch over from 9 yet


Yeah, you probably should finish the projects that you have going in 9 first.


Yeah exactly, I have two nearly complete albums that I’ve been lagging on actually finalizing haha


Can’t afford an upgrade, will have to use the live 10 trial to finish up my tracks and then revert back to 9. :expressionless:


I’m looking at just starting figuring out how to do production and all that. A lot of my friends use Ableton but it looks like folk here are down on it from what I see? Is this not the best software to go for?


That is not true at all. A lot of peeps here use it including myself.


Ableton 9 is great, version 10 looks so sick, might have to upgrade once I have a bit more money to spare


Yeah, I’m still on Live 9 myself. I will probably upgrade sometime this year, maybe during the November sales.


Cool. I might take the plunge. I used Cubase back in the early 2000s and have a little experience with logic (just basics) so I’m almost a complete novice. Is it pretty easy to use?


There’s a learning curve as with anything but once you get used to it it is really intuitive.

Back when I was switching DAW’s in the mid 2000’s, it was between Live and Cubase, and Live won out. Haven’t looked back since.


I just installed the upgrade to 10 a bit ago. Excited to check this out. Ableton has the upgrade on sale for 25% off until tomorrow the 28th and I decided to go for it rather than wait until November. It was going to happen sooner or later anyways and I saved 75 bucks.


its really great imo, takes some slight getting used to, selecting things and dragging on the timeline is now a bit more annoying imo but also you have more control over copying just automation etc

new fx are really great and fun, been using the echo thing on a lot of stuff lately

unfortunately it loads much slower than 9.x for me, not a big deal but a bit annoying.


My projects in 9 take a long ass time to load but I guess I’m used to it. I just go do something else for a few minutes lol.


I just installed the Convolution reverb. Have you messed around with it? Any issues loading your own IR’s? About to experiment.


Also, I had issues with my mouse and the controls jumping wildly when I used 9. I’m getting a warning saying that AbsoluteMouseMode is not recognized. I need to find that config file to disable that. Preliminary test is showing no issues with my trackball controlling the knobs and faders.


you can also hold alt on your keyboard when adjusting anything in ableton to enter a fine tune mode, you prob already know, but can very helpful when dealing with some fiddly shit


Thanks for the reminder on that.

It was pretty bad before. I had to edit the Options.txt file and add the AbsoluteMouseMode to the config and that fixed it. Preliminary research is showing that it has been replaced by Pen Tablet Mode in preferences but I’m not sure if I need to set that yet. The faders and knobs seem to be working fine with my mouse.


Drum Buss is pretty nice!