Acoustic / Folk / Country

I think I’m mellowing out a little bit as I near 30, because I’ve been getting a feel for the softer kind of music, especially the Australian stuff.

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I grew up on Cat Stevens.

You guys are all hippies.

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I really like live recordings.

I just played a Shakti record.


Do you didg? I used to didg. I was raised as a pan-equitorial hippie.

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I’ve had a go before, I’m probably terrible.

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Amazing album I’ve just come across. Not heard anything like it.

Everything this guy does is golden.

Also this…

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The guy I showed above (Jackson Emmer) was just featured in Rolling Stone for top 10 new country artists to look for.:cowboy_hat_face:

I mixed and mastered one of his previous albums and we are working with him on his next full length


Skrillex burn x2 :joy:

wasnt too sure where to post this

saw her live this weekend, was really good

the fact the concert was in a chapel (acoustics init) really added something too

it ended on a grainy vhs of her grandma singing being projected, essentially her having a duet with her now dead nan, got me right in the feels

not sure if she’s touring much outside the balkans but go see her if you get the chance

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So nice.

@cyclopian loves Harps so i assume he is a big fan

Is this country?

Don’t like country at all but this is sick, the vibes and female vocals make it imo, anyone got any recommendations for stuff similar?

I feel like this is a culturally acquired attitude and not a deeply-considered aesthetic thing in most people tbh.

As a full on convert to Country over the last few years, it’s like anything else as far as wide, relatively old genres like rock and jazz: there’s a small bit of excellent, a larger bit of pretty good, and then a majority of not good music.

I’m not really into the majority of mainstream performers going back 30 years or so but that’s also true for my taste in rock, so… yeah.

PS: yes it’s country lol. Haha. You’re one of us now. :cowboy_hat_face:

PPS: but srsly Willie is mad talented with a lot of jazz influences in his songwriting, such that he had a hard time in Nashville and didn’t really find his sound and turn hippie til he moved home to Texas mid-career. Trufact®️

(This is the Original Songwriter BTW)

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Yeah you right, i’m jus thinking of modern Murica chart stuff probably.

You got any albums that are worth checking out that are similar to that tune?

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re: other albums - the rest of Willie’s catalog for starters, it’s huge lol.

But srsly, that vibe is called the Nashville Sound (aka Countrypolitan) from about 1959 to 1965. A lot of it was produced and arranged by Chet Atkins (start with him.)

Patsy Cline, Glen Campbell, Tammy Wynette, Don Gibson, Charley Pride, Ray Price, Charlie Rich… it’s a long list but there’s a LOT of great tunes with that general vibe.

Also not coincidentally Willie was a songwriter for a disproportionate number of some of those artists’ hits.

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Cheers i’ll check out his stuff then

Jus listened to bits if this:


So good, gonna listen to his other stuff that is highly rated.

Btw i heard that tune from this:

Does such a good content drunk impression Lol

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