Algorithmic Music


02:30 & 03:12 in the second vid kinda bang.

I’m waaaaay into aleatory/generative stuff, at least the idea of it.

Anyone here ever play with Mixtikl/Noatikl/Wotja?

Also: here’s a time sink for MIDI nerds (@mks @knobgoblin @jizz)

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I love generative music systems. I’ve never used mixtikl or noatikl, but have done quite a bit of experimenting in reaktor building generative sequencers. I used to use max/msp but liked the sound and workflow of reaktor more. Any of you guys attempted to build anything like this?

I did a bit in an iOS app called Audulus but it wasn’t fun. There’s another one called Jasuto tho that’s more my speed.

Do you have any audio examples to share?

All sequencing is reaktor, spitting out triggers and some cv and some audio to my modular, recorded in one take


Holy shit that’s cool!

Meant to check your live set when you played a few months ago (Cyclopian tipped me off) but missed it. Keep me posted and I’ll be sure to make the next one.

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I’m trying to have Knobgoblin do a hardware guest set on the SubFm show in the near future as well :slight_smile:


Can I hang out and roll J’s in the studio for ya? :corndance:

@knobgoblin - very much liking your Soundcloud tingz. I’m a little shocked at how few plays you get man. You should be bigger.


Haha, anytime!

Thanks man, I am aweful at promoting my stuff, mostly just post it to TUNA😅 And occasionally the elektronauts forum.

I am diligently preparing my live set for @cyclopian. Shouldn’t be long now

“lost in space” from that second video is actually pretty sick

just started working on a new generative reaktor track. I think this one is striking a nice balance between chaos and danceability. All sequencers, fx and synths built from scratch. I rendered three versions and liked this one the best.


this is rad man

Fuck yes.

New jam after refining the patch a bit.


Never be a victim of the logarithm



Very dope