Algorithmic Music

my v good friend does this


Sounds and looks cool. Kinda sounds like a drum machine falling down a long ass staircase tho

it’s p sick when he plays out

puts that on a projector so you can see what’s going on while he plays


Cool interview from dudes doing generative music FFE

this looks interesting.

me & my dude in this mix on mixmag lol



My favorite of all these algo MIDI sites is finally working properly again and its MIDI files can be read by most DAWs (there was something preventing it for a while previously)

@mks @Jizz @cyclopian @Tolsof @Samuel_L_Damnson and anyone else I’m forgetting - wanna do a contest with nothing but this?


Now that’s a challenge

Thx. I like the idea of everyone doing something on a platform where nobody has a lot of experience and the limitations are kind of baked in. This uses GM1 soundkit, there’s no mixing/levels whatsoever, and it’s all about tweaking the params to see what you find. In the last 5 minutes I’ve been playing around with it and am kinda shocked at how much it’s opening my mind to other approaches.

Oooh yea

I will check this out when I get home, but it sounds cool. I’m down.

Would it just be a single loop or a tune from a few loops?


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Would totally be up for this

Good question: I kind of like the idea of starting out with only what’s on the site, so a single loop (max 30 seconds) - with MIDIs and all shared at the end.

What do you guys think?

(mks canin’ the bossa lol)


yeah, up for that

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sounds good

Ok, will get that up and running asap (prob after a bit so I can think about it a little more.)

Think ppl will be surprised at what this shit can do tbh and some might incorporate into their toolkit.

Best part is: everybody can participate, doesn’t require a daw or anything.



I made a sick 80s detective soundtrack in it once It was dopeeeeee

Should we host in Production, SNH, here…?