Algorithmic Music


Probably in Production but we might get more people in the SNH.

Here is like a remote outpost.

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I think this is why I nominate the SNH.


dun think we need a vote to place something where you want it to go on this site :slight_smile:


Do We Need A Vote To Place Something Where We Want It To Go On This Site?

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i voted yes tbh

not trying to lose my dsf mod paycheck


How did four people vote in favour of the vote when only two people voted in the actual vote?


Hi guys,
I am currently researching Algorithmic Music Systems and I would really appreciate it if you could take a short survey (check link below)
Any thoughts, any information from your experience with Algorithmic Music Systems would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you guys!
Kaz Stoilov



classick pre autotune = auto 1 tuning



It From Bit: Is The Universe A Cellular Automaton?


Updated the fx section in my algorithmic groove box environment, loving the results




Algorithmic music is one of the reasons I want to get into modular.


i posted a p cool generative music guide for ableton in the random prod thoughts the other day, its a fun starting point


Yeah, I checked that out, was very cool.

Add some Reaktor to the mix.


@knobgoblin the mad :mage: of Reaktor… he sculpts living systems.